You can describe Yangon in two words; glistening temples. Yangon being the biggest city in Myanmar at the moment, it is definitely got the most buzz and excitement than any other place in the country. As it has got this excitement and buzz more people are beginning to travel there to experience a new part of Asia. Since the rejuvenation of the country it is now a hub of many things to Myanmar. This includes art, commercial and politics that have all become part of the reopening of this great city to the world.


There are now a rash of many new restaurants lining the streets in Yangon with building sites and traffic jams all adding to this great thrill and eagerness that the city brings. However, in some ways Yangon has not changed at all for the good. Formally known as Rangoon, the city still holds the inspirational Buddhist monument in which many things revolve.

What is so nice about travelling to Yangon is that it brings you the chance to have a breather for the rush pf the city and lets you escape to the parks and lakes that it has. This lets you have the reassurance that you can go to one of these and realize that it is not all about the centre of Yangon, but the parks and lakes are equally important. If you like a huge open-air market, then Yangon also brings this too.

This downtown extravaganza is where you could find some of the most colonial and brilliant architecture in south-east Asia that you will find. So, keep your eyes pealed and you could be taking some great photos of this. Yangon is definitely a hidden gem in Asia and well worth the visit as some of the treasures you will find are stunning such as the spectacular 26 ft high lion throne in the national museum in Yangon.